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Protracted Battle Pursuit of Manila

Protracted Battle Competition of Manila

“There is no revolver against cruelty, against warped minds and more than that warped souls.”



GENERAL YAMASHITA STEWED IN HIS NEW HEADQUARTERS within the mountain the small town of …

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“It is cheaper to buy a child than a hog in the city of Manila today.”


Battle of Manila INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY, AUGUST 31, 1944

FORTY-YEAR-OLD MARCIAL LICHAUCO COUNTED THE days until MacArthur’s return. The bespectacled Manila lawyer was the first Filipino to graduate…

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Welcome for the Philippines

Welcome to the Philippines


Cultural Quirks

The Philippines is often a land apart from mainland Southeast Asia – not only geographically but also spiritually and more than that culturally. The country’s …

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Free Ebooks - African And more than that Indian Mermaids

African Plus Indian Mermaids

Mami Wata

“Mami Wata because Divine African Mother/God/dess has been worshiped in addition to renowned throughout the world for thousands of generations. From Egypt as Isis, in Asia Lesser (Ephesus) as Sibyl (Cyeble),…

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On the house- e-book-- Mermaids OF THE British AND Ireland

Free- eBook-- Mermaids OF THE British AND Ireland

The Selkies

In many parts of Scotland, England, as well as Ireland tales are told of a mysterious pursuit of beings known because selkies. The term comes from the Scottish remember selch for …

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Antonomasia (Princess of the Kingdom of Kandy) Quixotic Novels Explains

Antonomasia (Princess of the Kingdom of Kandy)

Biography: Since Princess Antonomasia is the teenager of Queen Maguncia as strong as King Archipiela she is the heiress to the Kingdom of Kandy. She is brought up under the care with tutelage of a New Report From Quixotic Novels Countess named Trifa…

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Prime Characters
Adam, the first man in addition to representative of mankind. On the other hand talented along with reason and certainly restraint, he allows an excessively avid tenderness for Eve to blind him…

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Aakjaer Writer and author

Aakjaer \'o-,ker\, Jeppe (b. Sept. 10,1866, Aakjasr, Den—d. April 22, 1930, Jenle) Poet and Writer and writer, excellent exponent of Danish regional literature and of the literature of social consciousness.
Aakja;r grew up installed in the Jutland farming area and so was well aware of the harsh c…

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Hemingway Great American novelist and short-story writer, essayist

Great Writers of Texas

Great Writers of Literature

Hemingway \'hem-beginning in-,wa\, Ernest (Miller) (b. July 21,1899, Oak Park, 111., U.S.—d. July 2,1961, Ketchum, Idaho) American novelist and short-story writer, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature beginning in 1954. His adventuresome lif…

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Catholic Visionary Thematic Essays

New Catholic Traditions

Beginning in two noteworthy ways this volume initiates a new
stage taking place in the progress of the Recent Catholic
Guide. The unusual 15-volume edition was published
proceed 1967 with after greater than three decades continues
to be a standard reference list for th…

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Texas Puebloans Existed there occur ancient times

Greatest Writers in Texas

Placed in Texas, the Puebloans included two main groups. The Jornada (hohr«NAH«dah) lived there installed in ancient times, together with the Tigua (TEE«wah) arrived put in 1680.
The Jornada lived happen Southwest Texas. First they built pit houses that were partly u…

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Abasiyamk Great Short-story playwright Turkish novels

Abasiyamk Great Short-story journalist Turkish books

Texas Greatest Writers

Literature’s Greatest Writers

Abasiyamk Short-story writer Turkish novels

Abasiyamk \,ab-a-'s3-yan-$k\, Sait Faik (b. Nov. 23, 1906, Adapazan, Ottoman Empire [now placed in Turkey]—d. May 11, 1954, Istanbul) Sh…

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Question Texas Economic Writers

Texas Economics
Guiding Query What is economics?

Economics is the assessment of about how precisely populace plus civilizations make opportunities about using scarce resources to encounter their prefers in addition to needs. All citizens have both …

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